Snoop Dogg is known as one of entertainment’s foremost activists for cannabis. Snoop has always been adamant about the medicinal and recreational benefits of weed. The Doggfather has never strayed from his love of the devil’s lettuce.

Football fans speculated that Snoop might make a statement during his halftime performance at Super Bowl LVI in his hometown of Los Angeles. Online betting sites even had prop wagers where gamblers could bet on whether Snoop would spark up on stage. In the end, Snoop kept his performance clean.

That doesn’t mean Snoop Dogg didn’t partake before or after his incredible performance alongside Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent, and Mary J. Blige. Untelevised production cameras caught Snoop lighting up just before he took the stage. We now have unfettered proof that Snoop Dogg was lit up when he took the Super Bowl stage.

Online video that quickly circulated during the game showed Snoop getting ready to make his entrance. The rapper leaned over in a moment of reflection. Just before he made his way out, he took a rip from what appears to be a joint.


Snoop put the joint out before joining Dr. Dre for “The Next Episode.” The halftime show was incredibly well-received by fans. It was a who’s who of hip hop and R&B. Snoop was vibing for the whole thing.

While the NFL and NBC didn’t want Snoop Dogg to light up on stage, there was little doubt that he would at some point during the day. Snoop isn’t ashamed of doing what he loves. It’s legal in California, so hopefully haters give him some slack on this one.

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