Squid Game swept the world by storm last year, with millions tuning in to see the completely insane spectacle. Now, a real-life experience has been built, allowing players to try their hand at all of the series’ challenges. For those unfamiliar with the plot, it revolves around a group of people who compete in a series of harsh riffs on children’s games for a large cash reward, with the losers being murdered off one by one.

The South Korean series immediately rose to the top of Netflix’s most-watched list. People were so hooked with it that there have already been some real-life – and far less lethal – adaptations of the games, the most famous of which is MrBeast’s big-budget reproduction of the series.

Saudi Arabia now has a massive Squid Game experience, where players may participate in all six trials from the series: Red Light, Green Light, the tug of war, the marbles game, the glass jumping challenge, the honeycomb game, and the eponymous Squid Game.

According to accounts, Riyadh’s attraction is the world’s first of its sort. Local authorities constructed a large area on Riyadh City Boulevard with a different zone for each game. If you’re worried that folks will be punished if they don’t finish the challenges, don’t fret.


While the individuals on the show were brutally slain, this ‘real-life’ event is far safer. Instead of glass panels shattering and sending the player plummeting to their death, the stepping stone game uses sensors, and the tug of war set is just three meters high.

However, in order to make it as authentic as possible, 70 people take part at once, each of whom receives an invite card and is dressed in clothes that are identical to those worn in the television series. There’s even a masked Front Man in the mix.

It’s not unexpected that it’s a big hit, with most days being entirely sold out. If you don’t want to travel to Saudi Arabia to get your Squid Game fix, there’s some good news for you. Hwang Dong-hyuk, the show’s creator, announced last year that a second season was in the works. Check out the video below.

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