The Squid Game took over Netflix and caused millions to binge-watch the graphic, yet pleasing series. The show approached many topics, including racism, and one of the series’ stars experienced that first hand.

Christian Lagahit, who played Player 276 in “Squid Game,” is one of the show’s foreign actors who didn’t get much screen time. The cast of Netflix’s Squid Game is more varied than usual, at least for a South Korean-produced online series. Christian had to deal with racism while in South Korea.

In a recent interview with the South Korean media outlet Asian Boss, Lagahit discussed his experiences as a member of the Squid Game cast. He also shared his attempt to break into the Korean entertainment business and his perspective on being a foreigner in an incredibly homogenous country.

Lagahit remembered a scary interaction with an elderly woman during a remote bus trip in one portion of the conversation. The event, which occurred a few years back, left Lagahit despondent after he was attacked by a said woman with a cabbage thrown directly at his face.

“The most memorable one was when I was inside the village bus. It was the last trip, and I was sitting at the back because it was very small. It can only accommodate a few people to sit, so other people were already standing in the bus.”

“There was this woman who was just staring at me. At first I wasn’t paying attention because I thought she was maybe looking at the boys, because there were boys in front of me. I thought that maybe she was just looking at the students. A few minutes passed by, and I was surprised when something hit my face. She threw a cabbage at my face – straight at my face.”

As a consequence, his glasses were knocked off his face and broke as they hit the bus floor. Lagahit, who is farsighted, was forced to wear the damaged set of spectacles to view his surroundings. He addressed the lady, perplexed, and asked her why she had done such a thing to him in the first place. Instead of responding, she remained utterly silent, oblivious to his query.

“The hardest part was that no one was paying attention to me. There were a lot of people inside the bus. It was filled, but no one was there to at least help me.”

A fellow rider informed him that the assailant had asked him to leave the bus, claiming that only Koreans were permitted to ride it. Lagahit couldn’t help but “cry inside” when he realized the folly of such a bigoted statement.

As Lagahit’s attacker left the bus, she made sure to add insult to injury by yelling loudly, “All foreigners here in Korea are bad people!”

The deafening quiet and apathy of his fellow riders on the bus, who opted to do nothing to rescue him, left a particularly awful mark on his mind. Going to a distant nation, leaving your birthplace, and dealing with adversity is not beneficial for one’s mental health.

We want to see Christian recover and become stronger as a result of this.

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Shivangini Rawat

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