Lamar Demeatrice Jackson Jr. is quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, so he got Super Bowl Sunday off. Aside from his game, he has a positive relationship with the rap industry. On Super Bowl Sunday, Lamar was accompanied by Kanye West and Antonio Brown.

The Baltimore Ravens’ Lamar Jackson had a dismal season, as his team lost in the closing stretch of the season owing to his injury. If Jackson had been healthy, there’s a good possibility the Ravens would have won the Super Bowl instead of the Bengals. Jackson is still really excited about next year, and he has begun to think about who he would like to play with.

Antonio Brown, who has indicated an interest in joining the Ravens, is one such athlete. Last night, Brown was at the Super Bowl with Kanye West, and it turns out that Jackson was in the area on what can only be described as a prospective recruiting expedition.

Jackson was seen standing next to Kanye West, Antonio Brown, and Justin LaBoy in the Instagram photo. This was a fascinating meeting of minds, and Jackson was clearly ecstatic to be in the company of Ye and Antonio. If Antonio joins the Ravens next season, it appears that he will be setting himself up for a terrific connection that will benefit both players.


It was a fantastic Super Bowl Sunday, Fans were glad to see the stars in one single frame. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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