T.I. is doing well in the rap game. The rapper recently tried his hand at stand-up comedy and had a positive response. T.I. has now posted a video in which he claims that the black community will allow anyone to call them the N-Word in exchange for money. That hasn’t garnered the same reaction as his jokes on stage.

According to Vladtv, T.I. sparked an interesting and potentially explosive discussion. He claimed that many people in the black community would be willing to let anyone call them the N-word in exchange for money.

T.I made the remark during a conversation with comedian Donnell Rawlings, during which he was explaining why he doesn’t believe most black people care about the issues they claim to care about. However, he also stated that no one cares about the truth and that anyone would be willing to sell a piece of their pride, dignity, and self-esteem for the right price.

“N****s don’t really care for you, like, I won’t go lie to you, like, you could call the community of black people some N****s, as long as you send them a check.”


Many people claimed that Tip’s comment “doesn’t speak for or adequately represent many of us.”

“Maybe he talking about in his community because in my community as soon as you hear ni- you getting hit in your mouth.”

“Sounds like he’s speaking from experience tbh.”

“SOME black ppl may, but damn sure not I nor my peoples.”

“Not the man that co-signed a white woman calling herself slave master.”

Tip appears to be in hot water because of his comment; let’s see where this goes. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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Shivangini Rawat

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