T.I. is enjoying his time in a different kind of spotlight thanks to a new enterprise that has caught his attention. A video of Tip performing stand-up comedy began to circulate just over a week ago. T.I. didn’t say much about why he was cracking jokes in a comedy club, but in a lengthy Instagram post, he revealed more about his possible new career.

To begin, T.I. claimed that he’s been putting in long hours, often performing numerous comedy gigs in a single evening, to help him get experience in the industry. “I’ve been performing stand-up comedy full time (every day 2-3 shows a night sometimes),” claims the rapper.

I’m also truly appreciative and humbled by the warm welcome I’ve been receiving from real comedic vets in this sh*t. Allowing me the opportunity to learn, grow & accept harsh critical ridicule from the best!!! I’ve developed a true admiration & respect for the skill set required to stand up in front of people with no hit records or catchy hooks to carry you through the performance… just you and a room full of anxious eyes ready to be entertained.

In about 2 weeks of doing stand-up comedy full time (every day 2-3 shows a night sometimes) he had learned from and earned the respect of some of the funniest people he knows in the business. He honestly remarked that he had nights where he tore their ass up and he had nights he was figuring the stuff out.


The rapper went on to say that he understands how this move from one form of entertainment to another can make some people question his capacity to hone the trade properly in such a short time but he’s channeled that energy into something positive.

In any case, T.I. seems fully invested in what he does. Check out T.I.’s Instagram post below and tell us if you’d go to one of his comedy concerts.

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