Sir Paul McCartney rose to prominence as the Beatles’ co-lead vocalist, co-songwriter, and bassist. Michael Jackson, on the other hand, is regarded as one of the twentieth century’s most influential cultural figures. Sir Paul McCartney recently revealed that he was terrified when a ‘girl fan’ called him, only to discover that it was King of Pop Michael Jackson.

According to Mirror, Sir Paul McCartney was terrified because he thought a “girl fan” had obtained his phone number, but it was actually Michael Jackson. The former Beatles star, 79, admits he didn’t recognise the King of Pop’s soft voice and thought it was a “groupie” on the other end of the line. Paul was “annoyed” by the call because he mistook it for a call from a stranger.

He told the Daily Star about it.

“Somebody rang me up, and this high voice I didn’t recognise said, ‘Hi, Paul.”


“I thought, ‘This is a girl fan, and how the hell did she get my number?’ I was quite annoyed.”

“Then the voice said, ‘It’s Michael,’ and suddenly it dawned on me.”

“It wasn’t a girl, it was Michael Jackson, and he basically said, ‘Do you want to make some hits?’”

When he discovered he was speaking with music legend Michael, the two collaborated on Say Say Say in 1983. In recent weeks, it has been revealed that Sir Paul sings to and talks to his guitars. The star expressed sympathy for a song that hadn’t been played in a while, telling it, “You must be lonely.”

“I felt quite guilty in a minor way, so I went over and started playing – and then the song that came out was me talking directly to the guitar and talking about all the times it had helped me.”

In new book The Lyrics by Paul McCartney, he said The Beatles used to tell their guitar their “secrets” and also thought it “looks like a woman”.

“There’s lots of stuff going on there.”

“We always used to say that when you sit down with your guitar to write a song, you’re telling it your secrets, which then become a song for the world.”

“But at that moment, when you’re alone, the guitar is your confidante. You cradle it.”

“When you go up to a piano, though, it’s almost as if you’re pushing the piano away; they’re different actions completely.”

Michael and Paul are both musical legends, and their legacies will live on in perpetuity. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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