Kanye West has been doing some questionable things lately but that isn’t stopping him from dealing in multi-million dollar transactions. Recently, Kaye spoke about rejecting $100M at his Netflix documentary premiere.

In an Instagram video posted by designer Tracey Mills, Kanye revealed he rejected $100m from Apple for his Donda album. Ye made a point of the whole event not being about money but about an artist’s power and respect towards his craft. He has also put out the term “Black Future Month” to inspire and promote Black ownership.

On February 11, Kanye West took the stage at the screening of the Netflix documentary Jeen Yuhs. It is a Kanye Trilogy speaking about his ambitions for the legacy of the film, Black Future Month and the importance of the Black community to remain connected. Ye was accompanied by DaBaby and directors Clarence ‘Coodie’ Simmons and Chike Ozah at the screening.

“Out here in Hollywood a lot of times, I got my man DaBaby right here, people try to cancel us and we all run away from each other… we not talking to each other, not communicating, and that’s why on Black Future Month we stood up and said, ‘We got to stand next to each other and we ain’t gonna let each other go when someone brings up one mistake that someone did.”


Kanye has been taking every aspect of his life into his own hands by controlling and managing it by himself. Last month he even demanded Netflix to open up the edit bay and allow him to be at the helm of the sequencing of the film. Ye also seemingly suggested the narration of the documentary should be handled by Drake.

“I got offered $100 million by Larry Jackson to put DONDA on Apple, but I ain’t never got a meeting with Tim Cook. So it ain’t about the money, it’s about our power and out respect collectively. So I be saying stuff that people try to remind me in Black History Month that people got killed for. But this is Black Future Month.”

In other news, Kanye has been involved deeply in Kim Kardashian’s life which has done no good for them. Apart from unnecessary drama and attention from the world, Kanye can do no right by meddling in Kim’s personal life. However, both are doing great on the work front and we would appreciate it if that reflected in their personal lives too.

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