Jennifer Lopez made her musical breakthrough with the release of her debut studio album On the 6, which assisted the emergence of the Latin pop movement in American music. Fans are overjoyed that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have reconnected, and that things are going well for them. Following the debut of their new rom-com Marry Me, Jennifer Lopez and Maluma cracked up as they read thirsty tweets from their fans out loud.

In a video for BuzzFeed Celeb posted on Friday, Jennifer Lopez and Maluma were shown reading a series of thirsty tweets. In the video, the 52-year-old hitmaker and the 28-year-old singer read praises from their respective followers and compared their reactions. The actors starred together in the upcoming romantic comedy film Marry Me, which was released just a few weeks ago.

According to Daily Mail, Lopez was the subject of the first tweet, in which a fan enquired about her alleged secret to perpetual youth,’ to which she responded that she liked the comment and that she, too, wanted to know the secret. Maluma’s fan remarked that he was “so fine I get chest pains every time I see him,” and he seemed concerned about the compliment’s health consequences.

The On The Floor singer then read a tweet about how she drank from a spring of youth and made a point of saying how much she enjoyed reading the tweets. The Grammy-nominated musician also received a compliment about a fan who would cut off their left toe for him, and while he was grateful, he counseled them against it.

Lopez was disturbed by the lovely remark from one of her followers, who offered her permission to strangle them with a Versace gown. One of Maluma’s most ardent fans revealed their desire to find someone similar to him as a potential companion.

When one of the Gigli actress’s fans stated that they would be walking about ‘butt-a** naked’ if they had a figure like hers, she replied that she did it all the time. Another fan of the couple then commented that her performance in Hustlers had ‘huge d*** energy,’ which she seemed perplexed about.

Maluma then read a message about one of his fans being a ‘hole’ for him, and the two exchanged excited looks. Lopez then read a tweet from a fan who wished for her to swallow her whole,’ a reference to her performance in Anaconda.

Her costar was then approached for physical contact, with the proviso that it was an ‘urgent matter.’ The singer wrapped up the segment by reading a fan’s request that she strikes them in the face with her abs.

Lopez portrayed pop sensation Kat Valdez in Marry Me, while Maluma portrayed her adulterous fiance Bastian. This is a must-see film. Must watch it and let us know did you like Jennifer’s character. For further controversies stay tuned to Thirsty.

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