Kanye West started an initiative, “Black Future Month,” to change the narrative of how Black history will be taught to future generations. February is nationally regarded as Black History Month. However, Kanye decided to go in a different direction with his campaign. The campaign is supposed to emphasize black people’s successes and present creations instead of dwelling on the past.

February has been quite a busy month for Ye as his Donda 2 album is set drop on 22 Feb and his upcoming Netflix documentary, which is also releasing soon. Titled jeen-yuhs, the documentary is dropping its first out of three parts on Feb 16. Kanye attended the debut screening yesterday (Feb 11).

At the screening, Ye gave the following speech;

“When you have people next to you that believe in you, and a community, and that the community sticks together, that’s the way that we can protect each other. Out here in Hollywood a lot of times, I got my man DaBaby right here, people try to cancel us and we all run away from each other… we not talking to each other, not communicating, and that’s why on Black Future Month we stood up and said, ‘We got stand next to each other and we ain’t gonna let each other go when someone brings up one mistake that someone did.”


Ye talked about how the community is important to him; he continued to discuss how invested he is in the future of the Black community.

“When y’all see me doing certain things that y’all wouldn’t expect us to do, and y’all want me to step back and be a house***a, that’s not my position. My position is to make what y’all might think are mistakes in public, so I can show you that that ain’t no red line, that ain’t no real wall. That’s just a smokescreen, and it’s for us to take this. We on lables we don’t own, play for basketball teams we don’t own. The time is now. I got offered $100 million by Larry Jackson to put ‘Donda’ on Apple, but I ain’t never got a meeting with Tim Cook. So it ain’t about the money, it’s about our power and out respect collectively. So I be saying stuff that people try to remind me in Black History Month that people got killed for. But this is Black Future Month.”

Kanye has certainly a lot going on this month, with him also being embroiled in public drama related to his family and ex-wife Kim Kardashian. It appears as though this is not stopping Kanye West from staying on track and focusing on his goals.

Check out the speech below

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