Joe Rogan thought an apology would be enough. After being heavily criticized for allowing guests to spread public health misinformation relating to the COVID-19 pandemic on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast, the UFC commentator found himself in even hotter water. Fans began circulating several videos of Rogan and his guests making questionable statements regarding race. These videos included a prolific use of the n-word.

Rogan apologized for both the use of the n-word and the COVID disinfo. A large portion of the public has rejected those apologies. Several further clips of Rogan’s show have been shared on social media. Among them is a guest who claimed that people of African descent are genetically predisposed to violent behavior.

The backlash against Joe Rogan got so hot that #JoeRoganIsaRacist became a trending topic on Twitter. Opinions on Rogan ranged from full-on defenses from Rogan die-hards to complete verbal eviscerations. Joe could not possibly be feeling good about how this is all playing out.

“Here’s a small part of what they deleted. Chuck is explaining to Joe Rogan that black people have a gene that makes them “predisposed to violence.”

“Here’s frat brother Joe Rogan in maniacal laughter over Joey Diaz coercing female comics to perform oral sex for stage time at The Comedy Store comedy club. Yuck yuck sexual assault AMIRITE?! Are we done with this trashbag yet?”

“#DeletedSpotify and just like that I cancelled my subscription to Spotify. I know my ancestors are proud that we are still continue the fight against white supremacy with our coins!”

“1771 podcasts. 130 deleted for using racist slurs. If you have to delete 10% of everything you say because it is racist, you are a racist.”

Joe Rogan is sure to have another response to the critics. Rogan is the most popular podcaster in the world and has a great deal of influence over a massive audience. Time will tell if Rogan can win back any of those he’s lost over the past several weeks.

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Michael Perry

Michael Perry is a news contributor for Ringside News and Thirsty for News. Michael has an M.A. in Communication Technology from Point Park University in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.

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