Uber has recently enraged a number of Hip Hop artists, and at least one of them is exaggerating a situation that has gone viral online. Snoop Dogg first posted a video of a text interaction he had with his Uber driver, who said he couldn’t deliver the Rap icon’s food because the area was unsafe.

Then 2 Chainz posted a video of a driver kicking his wife and daughter out of his car and throwing them in the snow. 2 Chainz posted the video at the time and begged Uber to correct the problem. Just recently, he spoke with Hot 97 about the incident.

My daughter was videotaping. My daughter was actually the genius behind that. My wife is a very sweet person, but when it involved the kids, animal instincts kicked in. I have so many receipts. My daughter did a great job with just sitting there filming the whole thing.

2 Chainz’s wife was alleged to have felt disrespected by the driver, who subsequently threatened to evict the family. He seems proud that his daughter did a great job to film out the entire scene that can be shown as a proof to all his claims.

There is allegedly a longer video of the altercation, but he chose to only post a piece of it. Uber’s decision on how to handle the incident is still unknown. Below is the mention video of 2 Chainz on Hot 97.

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