Jay-Z is definitely a Hip-Hop legend in every term of the word but what he is apparently nit is patient while taking photos. The rapper was spotted yelling at a photographer for clicking pictures slowly.

Jay-Z made one thing clear as to never make him wait too much for taking photos. In a clip circulating on social media, Jay-Z is seen posing for a photo with reggae and dancehall legend Barrington Levy at a party. He, however, soon loses his patience after the person takes too long to snap the photo.

Jay-Z can come off as a very calm and patient man but we can clearly see what rattles his patience. He stood posing with his fingers pointed at each other while the photographer delayed. Jay yelled, “You gotta take it faster than that, man!”

The footage is from a party celebrating the release of Netflix’s The Harder They Fall in New York City in November 2021. AY-Z co-executive produced the film while Barrington Levy contributed to the accompanying soundtrack on the movie. The movie has received mediocre reviews and didn’t impress the critics very much.

Jigga’s photographic nightmares do not end just end here as he is involved in a pretty big legal feud. The 52-year-old rap legend is currently locked in a legal battle with Jonathan Mannion. The veteran photographer is behind his Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint, and The Black Album covers.

Jay-Z’s annoyance with photographers might be a recent thing due to the legal battles he’s fighting. However, people might think he was being too rude to the man taking the picture.

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Anirban Biswas

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