Verzuz swept the planet as the world found a distraction from the pandemic woes. Now talk is getting heavy about Eminem stepping on that stage.

Eminem never ceases to amaze as people keep wondering who he should clash against on Verzuz. Open surveys were requested by Billboard in order to determine the most popular combo. Dr. Dre’s recent post sparked the newest round of the drama. “Marshall Mathers vs Who??!” said the Good Doctor, and the replies continued to come in.

Who Should Face Off Against Eminem in a Rap Battle?

All names, however, may be whittled down to a small group of worthy opponents. In reality, only three names earned a significant amount of public support in the Billboard poll. However, the alternatives selection was not properly balanced.

Busta Rhymes, whose name Swizz Beatz mentioned in response to Dre’s rhetoric question, Jay-Z, who recently stated that he would not be interested because there was no match for him in the game, and Kendrick Lamar, who will perform alongside Marshall at the Super Bowl Halftime show in two weeks, are all options.

There are three viable possibilities. The Billboard staffers then proposed T.I., who had been flinging himself into the ring for over a year, and MGK, who didn’t even have to fight Em to get obliterated in one of the most legendary disses in history.

On this list, Nicki Minaj and Missy Elliott appeared to be contributions to diversity rather than Eminem’s fighting adversaries. The number of votes indicates that the magazine’s readers agree with this viewpoint. Missy Elliott received only 1.44% of the vote. It doesn’t represent her amazing contribution to culture or rapping talent, but it does illustrate that Em’s style and catalogue aren’t a good fit.

T.I. received 2.45% of the vote, showing that the public does not want to see him against Eminem. Nicki Minaj came in with 7.3%, trailing only MGK’s 8.55%. Unspecified Other (14.89%) got more votes than Busta Rhymes (13.94%) . Kendrick Lamar became more well-known as 15.43% of voters wanted to see him go head-to-head with Eminem.

Jay-Z, on the other hand, is the undisputed winner of this poll. 36 percent of people want him to appear on Verzuz against Marshall to demonstrate his abilities. As the poll is still open, the results may change. However, the vote distribution appears to be consistent with common sense, and the final results are unlikely to change considerably.

Let’s see what’s in store for us in the future.

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