Teen Mom stars are typically able to find just about any reason to fight, because it makes for great television drama. Many of the cast members went on to achieve some kind of fame and success. Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry is always at the center of fans’ criticism for one thing or the other.

Kailyn gets occasionally dragged for throwing shade at her baby daddies. She has been roasted for her comments on literally anything, and most recently – birds. Now a Reddit user has highlighted Kailyn’s Instagram story to kick off a Reddit discussion.

The headline of the discussion read: How unflattering can a picture possibly be. Fans slammed her ugly tongue selfie for being flat, fat and compared it to a raw piece of chicken breast.

A Redditor said: “You guys realize she does this on purpose, right? She knows her looks will be made fun no matter what she posts, so she trolls.”


Another stated: “I just can’t imagine being this self-obsessed as to post every single second of my lame-a** basic b*tch, baby cannon day. No one cares, you big a**hole.”

A third person chimed in, saying: “Almost 30 and have 4 kids, one who is almost a teen. Time to forget “boys” who lie, and start looking for a mature stable man who’s not a liar. Life would probably be a lot less “chaotic”.”

A commentator pointed out: “Why would you wear a beanie that says boys lie when you’re mothering all boys? Way to teach your kids you think they’re inevitably going to grow up liars no matter what. Jeez.”

The Reddit thread is attached with this article along with the Instagram post from the discussion. Some of the top comments from the thread are also provided below.

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