Kailyn Lowry was slammed online after she posted new pictures from her home build in Delaware. The Teen Mom 2 star showed off her three new light fixtures, but not everyone was supportive.

Lowry asked her followers if they loved or hated the accents. All of the light fixtures had gold trim. Two of them had exposed sphere-shaped light bulbs and the other was a mid-century modern take on a chandelier.

Instagram is known for being kind and hence, the majority of her Instagram followers said they liked the new accessories. However, Reddit threads always take a blunt jab at everything.

Redditors simply called the lights “ugly”. Others weren’t so concise and straight to the point though. One comment on the Reddit thread read,


“These are going to date horribly, and the ‘gold’ color is very cheap. Some of her house style is on point, but then she adds in super tacky accents.”

A troll said that they would look cool in a restaurant or hotel lobby. The opinion stated that they are very trendy right now but are going to be terribly dated in a few years. Some defended Lowry, saying the style she chose is on trend.

A viewer wrote that they have a modern and maybe Sputnik vibe that I think is kind of popular now. Regardless of what viewers said, Lowry personally seems to be obsessed with the light fixtures. She joked that her youngest son, 1-year-old Creed, called the sphere-shaped bulbs balloons.

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Quotes via Heavy.

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