Jenelle Evans has been criticized countless times for being a bad mom. Usually the criticism comes from outsiders but now even Jenelle’s own kids have expressed their dissatisfaction. Evans’ youngest daughter Ensley decided to take matters into her own hands.

The 30-year-old who is married to David Eason, has three children. Her oldest son Jace was born in 2009 from ex-boyfriend Andrew Lewis when Evans was 17. She shares her second son, 7 year old Kaiser, with ex-fiancé Nathan Griffin. Her youngest daughter Ensley, 4, is with David.

Jenelle posted in her Instagram story that 4 year old Ensley shut down the computer while her mom was gaming. Evans was also streaming the game on Twitch. She informed her viewers through her Insta story that she will resume it in some time.

It is usually the moms who pull out the plug from their kid’s computer and gaming consoles. In case of Jenelle Evans, it reverse. Fans on Reddit were quick to point out the absurdity of the situation.


“Take a hint, Jenelle. Go be a parent.” a fan urged. “Ensley is all of us, too bad it’s her reality,” another said, Ensley’s like FEED ME! nudging at Jenelle’s bad parenting skills. “Shudder to think what would happen if ensley did that to david” a fan pointed out referring to the time when Eason threatened to “smack” the toddler. Another fan mentioned, “What she didn’t mention was herself yelling at Ensley most likely. Also, is Jace’s gaming PC no longer his either?” other commenters started to hilariously imitate Jenelle yelling as a distraught gamer.

Ensley Jolie Eason.

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