Pooh Shiesty’s promising career was cut short last summer and things looked bleak for him ever since. His lawyers went above and beyond in a trial where he was facing a life sentence for two different shootings. It now appears that Pooh Shiesty will be sentenced in April.

Pooh Shiesty’s sentence was lowered from a possible life sentence to a maximum of eight years in early January after all charges stemming from an alleged attack in Miami were withdrawn. His lawyers now argue that he should be allowed release until his April 4 sentencing because the status of the case against him has changed.

(Pooh Shiesty has a) right to pretrial release under reasonable conditions is a fundamental right under both the Florida and federal Constitutions.

Pooh Shiesty, or Lontrell Williams Jr., as his official name is used in the proceedings, and his attorneys asked for a $10 million, 10% cash bond. They claimed that as a musician, he does not pose a threat to society, and that he has done everything required of him since he was charged.


The judge in Florida denied his application for bond, and he will remain in custody until his sentence. He’ll be charged with conspiring to use a firearm in the commission of violent and drug-trafficking offences.

This is just one of many instances Pooh Shiesty’s bond has been refused, despite his best efforts to return home. He intimated that his productive career would continue in the aftermath of his trial via Instagram Story after pleading guilty a few weeks ago.

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