This year’s Super Bowl halftime show is going to be huge. Some of the biggest names in business have been recruited by the NFL to perform at halftime of America’s most-watched sporting event. New murals have now started to appear ahead of the show.

Dr. Dre and his loyal warriors, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and Mary J. Blige are now dominating the LA landscape from a hand-painted mural. This all started after a Californian artist Justin Odaffer led a talented crew in transferring the already familiar image of the stars onto a gigantic wall. It seems Dr. Dre and friends are set to rake in crazy money for their brief halftime show.

Justin also posted some work-in-progress photos and videos to his social media account. The pictures and videos demonstrate their impressive work that blurs the line between art and advertising. Darius Dennis, who was one of the crew members, took to his Instagram to post a poetic love confession to both his vocation and the subjects he brought to life in LA.

“We painted a great ad for the super bowl halftime show in LA a few weeks ago. #alwayshandpaint #painting #paintingoftheday #muralart #muralpainting, Thanks to everyone involved in this massive mural!” wrote Justin in the caption. Judging by the pictures, Aftermath commissioned the hand-painted Super Bowl Halftime Show advert from Colossal Media, the company co-founded by Odaffer.

It’s safe to say that this project will be certainly one to remember. Snoop Dogg said it will be the greatest performance in the history of hip hop. The star power alone is incredible.

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Anushmitta Dutta

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