Eminem can hang with just about anyone when it comes to battle rap. However, E-40 thinks Busta Rhymes can easily beat Slim Shady. This opinion led fans from all kinds of hip hop camps to clash over a possible Eminem pairing on Verzuz. Now, an artist, Swifty McVay who understands the power balance in the culture has come forward to give his two cents on the situation.

Detroit veteran Swifty McVay recently took to enimen. pros’s Instagram comment section to add to E-40’s opinion on Busta Rhyme and Eminem Verzuz debate. It seems Swifty enjoys following the debate and visits the Instagram comment session to satisfy his curiosity and learn what people think of the subject. However, he does not expect any of the suggestions to become a reality.

“Although This Verzuz WIll NEVER Happen, I’m Jus Here To Read EveryBodies Opinion About His Opinion,” wrote Swifty. The rapper also shared his views on what might be the reasoning behind E-40’s statement. Naturally, the rapper believes E-40’s opinion is based on Busta’s performance factor.

The insight provided by an experienced rapper who knows the ins and outs of the industry is something all hip hop fans appreciate. Only time will tell if Eminem ever faces off with Busta Rhymes in a Verzuz battle. Unfortunately, Swifty guarantees it will never happen.


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