Aaron Rodgers didn’t fly to Los Angeles after his season ended with a Divisional Round loss to the 49ers. The Packers quarterback stayed in Green Bay despite being frustrated and his future being in jeopardy.

Rodgers reportedly stayed in the building for a few additional days to figure out the team’s future, huddling with coach Matt LaFleur and others and plotting out the next steps, according to sources. It gave some in the organization hope that Rodgers would return for the 2022 season.

According to sources, the word was “cautious optimism,” yet no one wants to stifle Rodgers’ process. And everyone on the Packers’ decision-making team respects the steps he’ll take to reach his final choice.

They want Rodgers back more than anything, and they want him back in the worst way possible, as they’ve described. Rodgers just stated on The Pat McAfee Show that he will explore a number of realities.


I think some of the factors are the direction of the team and the organization, and how I feel like I fit in in the future. Mentally, do I still have the passion, the competitiveness, the desire to keep playing? I think it’s a feeling, and you just kind of know when the offseason has started. When you’re a hyper-competitive individual, you also dream or think about what the fairy tale ending is. It doesn’t mean Super Bowl necessarily, but that’s a pretty damn good fairy tale.

Rodgers has stated openly that all options are on the table moving forward, including returning to the organization or working with them on a mutually beneficial trade. He’s also stated that he doesn’t want to be in the midst of a rebuilding project.

The Packers are dealing with salary limit concerns, and their top offensive weapon, Davante Adams, either a new contract or the franchise tag. According to insiders, the Packers are planning to place a franchise tag on Adams and then negotiate a new contract with him. The squad plans to replenish as much as possible in order to remain on track to win a Super Bowl.

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