Chelsea Houska is no stranger to criticism from Teen Mom fans. She has gained a lot of negative feedback over her changing appearance. Most recently, Houska was slammed by fans for her T-shirt dress and hair extensions.

Teen Moms usually start their own little business ventures after gaining fame. Chelsea Houska DeBoer has her own lifestyle brand “Aubree Says” which also received negative feedback. But Chelsea’s appearance related roasts are getting too much to handle.

Just a week ago Chelsea was compared to a Muppet. This is owing to the recent drama over her lip fillers and other plastic surgery procedures. Not to forget, Chelsea almost always has a tan that many fans dislike.

Then came Chelsea Houska’s recent Instagram fashion haul post. The teen mom star thought it was pretty fashionable but sadly she got trolled on Reddit for her fashion choices. Chelsea wore an oversized grey t-shirt that said “Cowboy” and knee high boots. The t-shirt resembled the band “Nirvana” iconic “smiley” graphic t-shirt.


In addition to this fans called Chelsea out for bad hair extensions and two toned jeans. “I just wish she would take out those jank a** unblended extensions” a fan said. “Her extensions are terrible. Her real hair is pretty w/o those.” “That bootleg Nirvana T-shirt needs to be burned” another chimed in. “That T shirt is a crime against nirvana and humanity.” another fan zealously pointed out in defense of the iconic band.

What’s your take on this story? Sound off in the comments.

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