Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska is no stranger to criticism from her fans. She has gained a lot of negative feedback over her changing appearance. Most recently Houska was compared to a Muppet.

Houska’s appearance has changed drastically since she first appeared on “Teen Mom.” Fans think Chelsea Houska is starting to look a lot like Janice, the lead guitar player in The Electric Mayhem on “The Muppet Show.” With a side-by-side comparison, trolls on Reddit were quick to point out the similarities between the muppet and Chelsea.

This is owing to the recent drama over her lip fillers and other plastic surgery procedures. Not to forget, Chelsea almost always has a tan that many dislike. People are certainly very concerned about how much Houska’s appearance as the thread garnered hundreds of upvotes and dozens of comments.

The original poster wrote, “Reports of Chelsea looking like a f****** muppet are not exaggerated.” The photo comparison even showed up on Instagram and Facebook. It has been circulating as a meme.


Some people wrote that women “in general” were overusing injectables. While that might certainly be true for our age. It’s a valid point that like Farrah Abraham, Chelsea’s face change is getting a bit out of hand.

What’s your take on this story? Sound off in the comments.

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