Cordae’s collaboration with Eminem is now charting high on Genius. Earlier this month we reported that The Genius Songs chart has “Parables (Remix)” at No. 4. Eminem isn’t used to being at number four on the charts; he’s used to being considerably higher. Regardless, it’s the most popular track on Cordae’s new album “From a Birds Eye View.”

Cordae, who is touring in support of his sophomore album From a Bird’s Eye View, sat down with Ebro Darden on a Brooklyn rooftop this Saturday, Jan 29 for an interview with Apple Music 1. He discussed coming to terms with celebrity and how survivors guilt played a role in his aversion to money.

I’m kind of living in like an ongoing social experiment. Because you take somebody from not having much and from humble beginnings, and then within a couple of years, you give them fame, you give them a bunch of spotlight, to everybody’s watching everything they doing in they life, and you give them money.

According to Cordae, there were moments when he acted as if he hadn’t earned fortune as a result of this sociological experiment. He is still living in this social experiment of him not having anything. He has now access to millions of dollars. He was able to accumulate this amount of money, and he’s just being repugnant with it, not trying to spend anything, not enjoying himself, not treating himself to anything.


That’s how he stayed his first couple of years. He was still living with his manager when he didn’t have to. He was a millionaire living with my manager, just out of fear of blowing, because we hear so many stories about all this living beyond the means, blowing all they money, all of these things. So he was a super extremist with it.

On January 14, Cordae released his sophomore album, From a Bird’s Eye View. Lil Wayne, H.E.R., Gunna, Lil Durk, Nas, and Stevie Wonder all appear on the album. Cordae told Apple Music that working in the studio with Wonder was a dream come true. Check out the full interview with Ebro Darden below.

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