Eminem isn’t hesitant to use his rhymes to spit a little fire. The all-time most successful rapper is planning a great year in 2022. Shady’s first bars of the year were released earlier this month as part of a collaboration with Cordae.

On a recent episode of the Joe Budden podcast, Eminem’s new verse on Cordae’s “Parables (Remix)” caused a heated debate. This time, Budden was displeased with Eminem, as well as rappers who collaborate with Marshall.

Joe Budden refused to accept the line of criticism summed up in the phrase “I know you can rap!” This line of questioning is frequently used by those who believe Eminem’s rapping is too quick, too complicated, and, in general, too good for any specific feature. Budden, on the other hand, chose to turn the tables and blame other rappers for inviting Eminem to their projects.

He’s been doing this shit. My beef is with people who keep letting him do this on their songs. Chop that shit off! You are not chopping Eminem off. But you can’t rap for 3 minutes on my song, dawg! But I do think it’s an unfair criticism to say, “yo, we know that you can rap”.

But I will say, if you ask Em to come and do a song with you, then maybe this is what you want him to do. Because rappers keep letting him do this, extending the beat, or he does it and sends it back, and they just accept it. I’ll cut his verse just because he cut mine!

Okay, not cut it, but you can ask him to not do that! Do that sh*t with Wayne. Do that shit with somebody that gonna do it back. He can rap for five minutes on Lil Wayne song, but Wayne is never putting it out without Wayne rapping for six minutes. That will never happen. “Hey, rap all you want ‘cause I’mma do it too”. Do it there. Don’t do it with n****s that are putting out 12s and 16s and 24s. What was it? Was it Nas’ album that he did that sh*t? But the guy loves to rap. What if you just love to rap around some rappers? He’s in heaven doing this. And at his age, if that’s what is bringing you joy, then who the f*ck we are to stop it.

Eminem’s new album, “Music to Be Murdered By,” was praised by Joe’s co-hosts. They claimed they liked “concise Eminem” because they could understand the content and depth of his lyrics by ear without being overwhelmed by the intricate flow. Budden cut them off, turning the tone to slam the Eminem and Kendrick Lamar collaboration “Love Game”:

That Em and Kendrick record is high on the list of worst records ever made by two superstars. It was a mess.

Cordae is expecting huge sales from his latest work. Eminem being on one of the tracks is definitely a way to grab attention. Em seems proud of the collab. Listen to Cordae — “Parables (Remix)” feat. Eminem below.

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H/T to Eminem.Pro for quotes.

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