Jenelle Evans is constantly finding new ways to set herself up for mockery. The Teen Mom star has faced online ridicule for everything from her messy shoe closet to her funny dance moves. This time, she served the online haters up something fresh and it’s child neglect.

This all started after an Instagram user called Kitty Jakers posted a photo blaming Jenelle of child neglect. In the picture, Kaiser, Jenelle’s 7 year old son was seen wearing the same shirt for three days in a row. Kitty’s caption had a sad undertone talking how neglected Kaiser is.

Some fans immediately took to reddit to blast Jenelle for her actions. “Kaiser wearing the same shirt at least three days in a row because Jenelle is too busy making TikTok videos in the shed to do laundry or monitor her kids’ hygiene,” the original post said. Another fan wrote “Kaiser’s going to get screamed at for not wearing a different dirty shirt around Jelly’s TikToks & pics! Poor baby.”

A third user wrote “Hey if you defend this style of parenting, you need to stop and check yourself as a parent. This isn’t good. This isn’t ok.” That’s not all. A second picture showed Evans’ 5-year-old daughter, Ensley, also wearing the same shirt two days in a row.

Jenelle Evans is always stirring up some kind of manufactured drama. The reality star adores the attention of her fans. Hopefully, she doesn’t get CPS called on her this time.

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