Farrah Abraham’s arrest earlier this month has pulled attention from all sorts of places. The reality star has continued to deny the charges against her. Recently, she shared her version of the events from that fateful night. However, fans were not having it.

A Reddit user kicked off a thread on the r/TeenMomOGrandTeemMom2 subreddit by posting a video of Farrah reading a Barbri study guide. The user captioned the post, “Farrah casually reading a Barbri study guide while describing her version of events the night of her arrest.”

The post soon started trending on the subreddit as people flocked the comment section to leave their two cents. A user pointed out, “Lmao why not sit down and give an interview, rather than make it look like you’re on the street reading a book and they found you to interview lmao!”

While another user quipped, ” ‘I’m dealing with people saying I’ve been battered but yet I have been battered’ don’t mind me just taking notes for any clients I defend in tort cases when I finish law school” Another fan of the show raised doubts whether Farrah will actually go through with her plan to sue the venue for her arrest. The user wrote, “Doesn’t Farrah always claim she’s suing/pressing charges etc? Highly doubt it’s gonna happen. I hope I do this command right lmaoo”

A user expressed their frustration with the reality star’s delusion as they wrote, “The delusion of this girl makes me really sad.” while another joked, “What is she on though?” Fans also took notice of Farrah’s appearance and they had some harsh remarks. A user shared, “She looks terrible” with another sharing the same sentiment, “Her arms look like noodles. Her head is huge. It’s like she was put together with the wrong parts.”

You can check out the video in question as well as more reactions from fans below.

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Shubham Banerjee

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