NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport was the first to break today’s Chicago Bears head coaching news. And thanks to a radio appearance he made earlier this morning, we have audio evidence of when he received the breaking information. While discussing a possible change to the NFL’s overtime rules on WEEI’s Gresh and Keefe, Rapoport was audibly shocked by a bit of news that popped up on his phone.

On the radio, there was a hilarious moment today. In order to break some Chicago Bears news, NFL reporter Ian Rapoport hung up on a show, shouting “oh s***!” immediately before bolting.

It all started on WEEI a few minutes ago, when Rapoport, an NFL Network insider, was discussing the likelihood of future overtime rule changes in the league. Rapoport was humming along with his tune, saying that change might be on the way, when he unexpectedly paused.

You know — the…. Oh, s***! I just got a text. I got to go!


Rapoport abruptly hung up, and the boys burst out laughing. Ian had to leave to convey the news that the Bears are expected to choose Matt Eberflus as their next head coach, as everyone afterwards learned.

Source: The #Bears are working to hire Matt Eberflus as their new head coach.

Nobody seemed angered by Rapoport’s abrupt exit, and the show’s hosts and some of Rapoport’s colleagues even joked about it later on Twitter. It was a great time!

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