Throwback to Week 15 of the 2020 season when the New York Jets were 0-13 heading into a west coast matchup with the Los Angeles Rams. Their number one prospect in the 2021 NFL draft was generational quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

The one-win Jacksonville Jaguars were supposedly all-in on ‘T-Law,’ and their fanbase was praying for a Jets victory. The men in green beat the Rams in The City of Angels. They won a second game over the Cleveland Browns at MetLife Stadium. From that moment on, Jags fans never let Jets supporters hear the end of their “tanking meltdown.”

Before all of that and even back before the Week 15 victory, a media-driven narrative suggested that Lawrence should refuse to play for the Jets if they ended up with the first overall pick. The team had a horrible track record when it comes to developing quarterbacks. Fans are still not over the fact how they ruined Sam, so they don’t want another disappointment.

According to NFL pundits however, the Clemson product had a better future in Jacksonville than New York. One year later in Week 14 of both quarterback’s rookie campaigns, the narrative has flipped. According to NFL insider Tom Pelissero:


“Months of tension surrounding Jaguars coach Urban Meyer has boiled over with multiple run-ins with players and other coaches in recent weeks, sources say, renewing questions in league circles about whether Meyer’s stay in Jacksonville could end after just one tumultuous season.”

Pelissero detailed numerous examples of dysfunctional behavior. Players have voiced that Meyer “doesn’t treat them like adults.” Public benchings and criticisms, including major disagreements with WR Marvin Jones and RB James Robinson. A staff meeting where Meyer “delivered a biting message that he’s a winner and his assistant coaches are losers” are some of the examples. Robby Sabo of Jets X-Factor wrote:

“The ‘Jaguars being a disaster with Urban Meyer’ was the easiest thing in the world to spot coming into the season. Yet, not so strangely, ‘Trevor Lawrence should refuse to play for the Jets’ remained the hot angle. Folks were even upset Jets didn’t land Meyer via [the] No. 2 pick.”

The Jet Press sarcastically tweeted: “Save Trevor Lawrence from the Jets”. There were many others trolling Lawrence that he should go back to school rather than joining Gang Green. Jets Twitter was in full troll mode on December 11 and deservedly so. All the tweets can be seen at the end of this article.

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