Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s relationship has been very interesting for people to see. Kim and Pete also lived up to their reputation as the most outgoing bi-coastal couple. The pair has been inseparable over the last few weeks.

What a difference in pace! Within 24 hours, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson went from dining with the world’s second richest man to a regular Joe date. On Wednesday night, Kim, Pete, Khloe, and their guests dined at Quarters Korean BBQ in Los Angeles before having a blast at 60out Escape Room, where they had the entire room to themselves.

The couple’s night out comes just one day after they spent many hours at Jeff Bezos’ estate for supper and conversation. After spending the night at Jeff’s, Kim’s car was observed outside the Bezos house, and she and Pete returned to Pete’s hotel in Beverly Hills together.

It’s safe to assume that things are going well for KD and PD, since he appears to be fully integrated into the Kardashian clan. If you haven’t noticed, Pete hasn’t been seen in his hometown of New York City in a long time. Dude appears to be completely committed to Kim and the west coast.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are not on speaking terms anymore. However, with Kanye getting it on with Julia Fox, it seems that both of them have found someone they can have a great relationship with.

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