Joe Rogan is one of the most polarizing and popular figures in the United States. Joe hosts The Joe Rogan Experience, the world’s most popular podcast. Rogan is famous for allowing fringe ideas and voices to be a part of the discussion. The show was recently called out by a group of leading public health experts.

A scathing letter sent by a large group of public health experts to Rogan’s streaming partners at Spotify demanded the show stop allowing the spread of COVID-19 misinformation. Rogan famously argued with Dr. Anthony Fauci about vaccines on the program. Several celebrity pals have gone to Rogan for advice instead of a doctor.

Rogan began trending on Twitter as news of the letter broke. The UFC commentator had plenty of supporters. There were also those who dragged him for his perceived bad takes.

“If Joe Rogan is on a platform like Parler, he’s talking to a much, much smaller audience, and he’s ostracized like Alex Jones. No one’s asking platforms to be police. Police put people in jail. People are asking platforms not to knowingly profit from spreading medical misinfo.”

“I dropped @Spotify in favor of @TIDAL because of Spotify’s decision to platform Joe Rogan. I happen to love Tidal, and it’s all the better because it’s not Spotify.”

“I’ve never understood the appeal of Joe Rogan. Though, at a wild guess, I would assume his viewers think he offers balanced info due to his varied guests. He’s a Charlatan. ‘Menace to public health’”

Time will tell if Spotify responds to the public outcry for change. Rogan generates a ton of revenue for the company. They may be just another corporation who puts profit over public health amid an ongoing pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans.

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Michael Perry

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