Joe Rogan is an infamously polarizing figure. Rogan is also the host of the world’s most popular podcast. The influence of the Joe Rogan Experience is vast, and estimates place his reach at around 11 million listeners. A large group of public health professionals including scientists, professors, doctors, and other healthcare workers are speaking out against Rogan’s show.

Rolling Stone reported on the concerning letter, which was sent to Rogan’s streaming platform, Spotify. The group takes umbrage with Rogan’s alleged habit of “broadcasting misinformation, particularly regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.” One specific episode was called out for being a major spreader of bad information.

The controversial episode featured Dr. Robert Malone as a guest. Malone promoted several baseless conspiracy theories during his appearance with Rogan. Dr. Malone was ultimately suspended from Twitter for spreading false information about the virus.

Malone also compared pandemic public health measures to the Holocaust. The experts said that the words used by Robert Malone were not only offensive but posed a danger to public health. Rogan himself was not free from criticism.


Joe was called out for saying that young people should not get vaccinated. Rogan has also publicly argued with leading infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci. Aaron Rodgers and UFC head Dana White both said they spoke with Rogan for advice on how to deal with COVID rather than a doctor.

Joe Rogan is always going to have controversy nipping at his heels. Rogan contends that he’s just asking questions. Many of his listeners are unwilling or unable to pick up on the level of nuance needed to take any sort of value from his program.

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