Kodak Black is without a doubt one of the most controversial rappers in the hip-hop world right now. Black is also a very outspoken rapper who is recognized for doing nice things on occasion. Recently police said ‘They Were Not Having Sex‘ about Kodak Black’s NHL Game Grind Sesh.

The Trump-pardoned rapper isn’t facing any legal issues as a result of his NHL game grind sesh. Cops tell TMZ Sports that “they weren’t having sex’. Thus no investigation is underway.

On Tuesday, the rapper was photographed in a box suite at a Florida Panthers game. He was enjoying a lapful of the butt from his lady friend. Many fans assumed the two were actually getting it on.

The couple appeared to be grinding on each other in a video taken from across the arena. A closer look revealed they were merely dancing. According to the Sunrise Police department, Officers were present in the apartment at the time of the incident. They admitted that the two were not having intercourse.

“They were just dancing very provocatively.”

Cops requested Kodak and his partner to stop. The rapper obeyed without hesitation and immediately stop. According to the spokesperson, there is no continuing investigation and no plans to file charges. To know further updates of your favorite celeb stay tuned to Thirsty.

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