Drakeo The Ruler was recognized for his “oddly emotive, poetic word-choices” as well as his flow. He was murdered backstage at a concert on 19th December. There are a lot of questions, but Drakeo The Ruler’s murder investigation hit a stone wall as witnesses refuse to cooperate with authorities.

TMZ reports that Drakeo’s murder is stalling as no one is talking about the murder investigation. Detectives trying to figure out who killed Drakeo the Ruler is up against it since it’s difficult to persuade anyone with information on the suspect to come forward and discuss.

Authorities are relying heavily on surveillance and smartphone evidence to break the case. He was stabbed in the neck backstage at the Once Upon A Time in L.A. festival.

Cops want to speak with witnesses in the brawl, but they are refusing to speak, making it difficult/nearly impossible to apprehend the perpetrators. Detectives are now taking a different approach, investigating whether the Slim 400 murder is linked to Drakeo the Ruler’s death. As fans previously noted, there has been a lot of gang hostility in the City of Angels recently, so cops are fully aware of the potential for reprisal.

Drakeo was assassinated at an event where Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and 50 Cent were scheduled to perform.

Snoop wrote a touching message on Instagram, stating, “My prayers go out to everyone affected by the tragedy. Please take care, love one another, and stay safe y’all.”

You can check out the video from End Of Sentence below which gives full details on this case, as much as we know so far at least. It could have been a setup, but nobody’s talking.

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