Cardi B is known for her social media transparency. The WAP rapper had a rocky start to the year. Cardi B recently said that she was suicidal after Tasha K’s blog posts in a libel trial, a revelation that stunned fans.

After viewing the alleged lies made by a blogger who is now on trial in federal court, Cardi B says she wanted to commit suicide. Cardi complains against Tasha K, a blogger. Tasha K is now being heard in a federal courthouse in Georgia. Cardi B took the stand on Thursday morning as Tasha was speaking the most heinous things about her.

“I wanted to commit suicide over the things.”

Tasha filmed many videos about Cardi in 2018 and 2019. The vlogger claimed Cardi B was a prostitute and had contracted multiple STIs. Cardi’s response was to file a lawsuit. In court, Cardi B testified to the Jury.

“I felt defeated and depressed and I didn’t want to sleep with my husband. This was all going down shortly after Offset and Cardi welcomed their first child, Kulture. I didn’t deserve my kid.”

After reading the posts, Cardi’s lawyer asked her what she thought of Tasha.

“I felt like only a demon could do that s**t.” The rapper actually apologized to the judge for swearing after that statement.”

After repeating the incident made her feel suicidal, she broke down in tears. Now let’s see what will be the decision of the court. To know further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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