Hip Hop musicians have adopted the endorsement game as a big source of additional cash. Ice-T has been in advertisements for GEICO, CarShield, Tide, and, most recently, Cheerios, while Snoop Dogg has appeared in commercials for large brands such as Tostitos, Corona, and Dunkin’ Donuts. Meanwhile, Fat Joe recently signed a deal with White Castle, demonstrating how far Hip Hop has progressed.

It’s now Big Boi’s turn. The Outkast legend announced his new endorsement contract with Realtor.com via Twitter on Monday, January 10. “Big On Big! @realtordotcom.” the caption simply stated.

The ATLien is seen lurking in a couple’s new home, which they’ve dubbed their “first Big Boi house,” with Big Boi’s 2003 track “I Like The Way You Move” playing in the background. Big Boi exclaims a bunch of dialogues as the camera pans to different aspects of the house.

Big Boi kitchen, Big Boi waterfall shower, you got Big Boi vaulted ceilings, Big Boi crawl space, Big Boi school districts, Big Boi hidden closet, Big Boi DIY, Big Boi sold sign, Big Boi logo …

Unlike Snoop Dogg, who is probably shooting ads in his sleep at this point, Big Boi’s new Realtor.com ad is his first step into the advertising business. The D-O-Double-G appears in a slew of advertising on a single Sunday night in February 2020, ranging from General Insurance to Tostitos featuring Martha Stewart to Dunkin’ Donuts.

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