Bob Saget’s passing hit the entire world in a big way, and his death came not two weeks before another celebrity death that gutted the community. Betty White died of a stroke, as per the cause of death revealed recently. Bob Saget is one of the icons for whom the entire nation is still mourning. According to current reports, Bob’s death was caused by a heart attack or stroke.

It took weeks to ascertain Bob Saget’s cause of death. Law enforcement investigating the case notices symptoms of a sudden medical emergency, notably a heart attack or stroke. According to law enforcement officials, the posture in which Bob’s body was discovered, as well as a lack of evidence suggesting drug usage or foul play, are the key reasons authorities engaged in the investigation presume a heart attack.

According to TMZ, the security discovered Bob in his Ritz-Carlton Orlando hotel room. According to cops, the comedian was lying face-up on the bed, his left arm over his chest and his right arm alongside him. TMZ was warned that the hand on the chest might indicate a heart attack.

Authorities are looking into Bob’s disclosure last week that he had recently battled COVID-19. Blood clots have been identified as a possible side effect of the infection. Of course, the definitive cause won’t be known until the medical examiner receives Bob’s toxicology findings. According to the Orange County M.E.’s Office, it might take 10-12 weeks to complete.


Saget did a stand-up concert in Jacksonville on Saturday night before traveling to Orlando for two hours. According to investigators, he entered his hotel room at 2:17 a.m., and when his body was located in the room at 4 p.m., all lights were turned out, with no evidence of a commotion or issue during the night.

Bob’s followers and several celebrities are stunned by his death. The cause is not yet evident, since the investigative sources have only discovered certain signs. Keep an eye on Thirsty to see if they confirm it later.

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