Nicki Minaj has always had the charm to woo people by her looks and music. Minaj even looked amazing in photos while she was pregnant. Now we have some more unreleased pictures of her in bare body from when she was pregnant.

Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty welcomed their son, Papa Bear in 2020. The pictures were taken from a photo shoot when she was pregnant with her son. She looked beautiful in the snaps and the fans were all delighted to have a look at them.

The pictures were posted as a result of a poll where she asked her fans if she should release some of the pictures of her when she was pregnant. As the results of the poll came out, we saw 93% of people were willing to see those shots. She subsequently took to social media and posted them.

Nicki Minaj is no stranger to showing off her body on camera but that might be only for the videos and shoots. Minaj admitted she was a little self-conscious about posting the pictures, where she is almost entirely nude. Fans are glad that she took those snaps as they came out majestic.

“Honestly, most of the pregger pics (post Bey) had a floral vibe so I posted the Harajuku theme— which felt more unique to my journey, The other MAJOR reason was that this one felt so naked to me & during my pregnancy that made me feel rlly uncomfortable.”

Nicki Minaj has taken some time away from her music career since starting a family with her husband. Nicki mentioned that Papa bear is coming along great. The toddler, who will be two in October, is an energetic, imaginative little boy.

Fans are really glad to take a glance at how Minaj looked when she was pregnant. They were praising her looks in the pictures and were happy that she decided to share them with everyone. We hope the best for the family who are having such a great time together.

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