JoJo Siwa, now 18, started her career at the age of nine. She has amassed 12.2 million subscribers throughout the years. Siwa has a little admirer who was just diagnosed with cancer. Jojo chatted with her 5-year-old fan to reassure her that everything will be fine.

Siwa promised Blakely that everything would be alright and that she would kick cancer’s butt. As shown in the interaction between JoJo and Blakely Bergenfeld, she is an expert at putting her young fans at ease. She was patiently addressing the little girl’s questions.

Blakely’s parents, Jason and Kimberly Bergenfeld, informed TMZ that the cancer diagnosis came as a surprise after she started having headaches and fevers during a recent family ski vacation.

When Blakely’s parents returned to L.A., they brought her to a pediatrician, who noted her liver was bloated and rushed her to the ER at L.A. Children’s Hospital.

Blakely’s father claimed that after a battery of tests, physicians detected cancer in her kidney. On Friday, she underwent surgery to remove a massive tumour on her kidney. The procedure went much better than expected. Her kidney had to be removed since it was on the verge of rupturing and would have been fatal if not treated quickly.

Tumors on her liver and lungs were also discovered and removed by the physicians. The physicians will know the specific stage and type of cancer she has in the coming days, but she is stable and has passed the first step on her journey to recovery.

JoJo became involved after learning about Blakely’s condition via ‘Dance Moms’ actress Kira Girard and her husband, who are acquainted with the Bergenfelds. Blakely is a huge JoJo fan who was meant to meet her at the Nickelodeon awards in March before it was canceled due to covid.

Siwa wanted to reach out to Blakely directly before her operation. She even offered to pay for the little girl’s medical bills. Let us hope Blakely is able to overcome this difficult situation and meet JoJo in person.

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