JoJo Siwa and her Childhood Cancer Foundation had an early Christmas gift this year. As a guest host on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week, the Time 100 honoree, 18, received the organization’s largest gift yet, with Meghan Trainor joining her on Wednesday’s program.

During Ellen, Meghan Trainor presented JoJo Siwa with a $100,000 check for her Childhood Cancer Foundation. Siwa burst into tears and said that it was the most significant donation they had ever received.

“I watch your show every single day, but I watched the episode where you talk about the JoJo Siwa Childhood Cancer Foundation, and I worship you. I’ve met a lot of fans who are going through that with their family members. It’s very hard, and so, I appreciate you so much for doing that, and I’m so beyond proud of you and I worship you. And I wanted to make a donation.”

Siwa continued how it will benefit a large number of children. She announced the non-profit charity earlier this month, calling it “something I’ve wanted to develop for YEARS.” She met hundreds of kids and families afflicted by childhood cancer throughout her years in the public eye, and every single one of them has a piece of her heart.

JoJo Siwa has been working on starting this foundation to help kids with cancer have a better life. She wants to redo hospital rooms, take them to Disney World, surprise an entire pediatric hospital with new play rooms, anything to see kids happy! She will also be donating to families affected by kids cancer through this organization to aid with the price of everything.

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