Logan Paul’s engaging content consistently keeps his audience interested. He is a huge Pokemon lover, and it’s obvious. Many Pokemon fans follow his YouTube channel, and they fear that the First Edition Base Set Pokémon card booster packs are fake. Logan Paul has now responded to the accusation leveled against him.

Logan Paul who has done some dubious things for the vlog was overjoyed last month when he learned that he could buy a case of six First Edition Base Set Pokémon card booster packs for $3.5 million. For years, the Pokémon fan community has wondered if there were any unknown, unopened cases like this left. As it turns out, it may not have existed at all. Following the publication of PokeBeach’s results, Paul tweeted that he will get his purchase properly verified.

“update on this: I’m flying to Chicago this weekend to verify the case with BBCE, the company who insured its authenticity, to be continued…”

According to an incredibly comprehensive study by Pokémon fan news site PokeBeach, the case first appeared on eBay in March 2021, when the Pokemon card market was at its peak. Nonetheless, the seller, number1pokemonmaster, picked eBay over Sotheby’s or another highly recognized auction house.


The vendor told three versions about where he obtained the cards: at an estate auction in Canada, for his 12th birthday, and abandoned in an attic. The box was originally offered for $72,500 to the highest bidder. The deal fell through when the vendor refused to allow the buyer to see the cards personally.

The fact that the barcode on the box did not match the printed product code was perhaps the most damning proof offered by PokeBeach. The label is also not faded. The box was subsequently sold to a buyer named cardkahuna, who was the one who authenticated it. Cardkahuna sold it for $2.7 million to another bidder, who then sold it to Paul for $3.5 million.

Logan Paul was delighted when he received the cards. He may now be concerned about the legitimacy of the cards, which is stressful. Let’s see if he can prove his authenticity or not because Pokemon fans are keeping a watch on him. Follow Thirsty for more updates on this story.

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