Logan Paul and Jake Paul are infamous for their antics. Jake Paul might be called the “Problem Child,” but The Maverick has also stirred up his fair share of trouble. While Logan toned down on his eccentric ways, it does make a come every now and then.

Just a day after Christmas, Logan Paul gave the internet a gift of collective outrage. Logan posted a video to his Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok in which he highlighted his “first epoxy resin project,” in which he cased 15 original GameBoy Colors in the polymer coating and built a small table.

Retro game lovers were fuming. They took the project as an affront to their own passions. The Maverick destroyed 15 GameBoy Color consoles that will never be produced again. All that just to make a table.

For some context, The popular portable gaming systems are the third best-selling ever. It was discontinued by Nintendo on March 23, 2003. No consoles or additional parts for the GameBoy Color have been produced since then. It is an eyesore to see a rare piece of gaming history destroyed.

Many people believe that Logan was trolling to get attention. Others are of the opinion that the YouTuber was simply showing off his artistry. Check out what viewers had to say below.

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Shifa Jahan

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