Chris Noth found himself in hot water after several women accused him of sexual misconduct. Noth denied the first two accusations back in December. Noth has faced backlash in different forms because of all these accusations. Now HBO Max is also deciding to cut him off from their show.

Variety has verified that Chris Noth will not appear in the upcoming finale of HBO Max’s “Sex and the City” spinoff series “And Just Like That.” On February 3, the series will air its final episode of the season. Noth’s departure from the “And Just Like That” finale was first reported by TV Line.

Mr. Big, played by Noth, died in the first episode of “And Just Like That” after having a heart attack while riding a Peloton. Noth was intended to appear in the finale during a fantasy sequence in which Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie reunites with Big at the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris to scatter his ashes.

HBO Max didn’t make any official statement. According to rumors, the “And Just Like That” creative team felt that the Noth footage meant for the season finale was not narratively significant enough to justify saving it from the scrap heap.

Noth has also faced backlash in other forms as he was fired from NBC’s hit show “The Equalizer” and also dropped from a Peloton commercial based on his on-screen role of Mr. Big. Additionally, his marriage with Tara Wilson is also in ruins after allegations against him came to light.

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