Hollywood icon Betty White has sadly passed away. She would’ve celebrated her 100th birthday on January 17th. The beloved member of the Golden Girls cast and so many other memorable hits has died just weeks before a milestone 100th birthday. The comedy legend meant the world to millions of fans who are expressing their shock and sadness.

O.J. Simpson was a fan and friend of Betty White, whom he described as “catnip” for his two cats. When Simpson’s missing cats frequently came up at White’s North Carmelita Street home a few streets away, the two were neighbors, with Simpson living at his now-famous Brentwood, Calif., estate.

The pets, Bugsy and Sashi, were Abyssinians who “liked to hunt and normally they’d be in my backyard going through a lot of drama with these mockingbirds in this willow tree of mine but one day we couldn’t find (one of them,)” Simpson recalled in a video.

“Never understood what that was about. I guess she was right, she’s so sweet that the cats just gravitate to her.”

When Simpson received a call from Betty White, the family was upset and about to go around the neighborhood with signs. Bugsy went missing again three months later, and Simpson went straight to White’s residence. The cat wasn’t there, but Simpson heard meowing from a tree on White’s property within minutes. Bugsy was the culprit.

Betty’s career spanned eight decades but she remained timeless. Betty White’s legacy and memory will certainly be celebrated forever. We are deeply saddened by this loss. RIP Betty White.

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