R. Kelly has trouble brewing all over the place. The guy who is suing R. Kelly for allegedly sleeping with his wife and breaking up his marriage claims that the disgraced singer is attempting to avoid being deposed in jail despite the court’s order.

According to court documents obtained by Radar, Kenny Bryant, a former Mississippi sheriff who has been fighting Kelly for over three years, is pleading with the court for assistance.

Kelly was required to sit for a deposition while detained in a New York jail earlier this month. As per the order: “[Bryant] be authorized to take the deposition of Defendant Robert Sylvester Kelly.” He’s been rotting away behind bars for months. He’s not going anywhere after being found guilty of sex trafficking and other charges in September. He could be imprisoned for the rest of his life.

Bryant saw this as the ideal opportunity to depose Kelly and confront him about his own case. Bryant says in court that he was married to Asia Childress. Bryant filed a lawsuit against Kelly in 2018, alleging that the singer ended his marriage and exposed his former wife to an STD.

Mississippi is one of the few states that enables a person to sue another for contributing to the breakdown of their marriage. In 2012, Bryant and Childress married. In his lawsuit, he claims he was aware that his former wife had a previous relationship with Kelly before they married. Bryant claims she informed him that the relationship was finished.

He claims, however, that Kelly reappeared in her life after doing a show nearby. The two are accused of having a “extramarital affair” that lasted for years. According to court documents, Kelly gave his wife Chlamydia and induced her to persuade Bryant to relocate the couple to Georgia.

Bryant claims he later found out the move was made so she could be closer to Kelly’s house. Kelly disputes the allegations and has asked for the lawsuit to be dismissed. Kelly’s pleas have been turned down, and the case is finally moving forward.

Bryant claims that his progress has been delayed because Kelly has requested a new hearing on the case. He believes that the musician is clearly attempting to prolong the matter. The move stated that “a hearing on Defendant’s Motion is unnecessary and will only serve to further delay the proceedings in this action and waste the judicial resources of this Court.” Bryant is requesting that the depo proceed as scheduled and that the court deny Kelly’s request right away.

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