Denaun Porter is possibly Eminem’s closest ally in Shady camp. They are in a talk relation since 1995. Everyone is hoping for a new Slim Shady drop in 2022, but recently, Mr. Porter cast doubt on Eminem’s upcoming album.

Porter questioned Eminem’s new upcoming album in a big way. Eminem’s putative next album sparked a flurry of speculation about a probable release date and guest appearances. Artists from the Shady, on the other hand, can only laugh at them.

Mr. Porter, one of Marshall’s oldest friends and colleagues, was so taken aback by the rumors that he joined the conversation on one of Eminem’s fan pages. The article had a list of claims made by a cocky Redditor, including promises of appearances by The Weeknd, Andre 3000, Post Malone, Elton John, Nas, and others.

Mr. Porter was perplexed by the remark and wondered how such outlandish notions get into the general domain. His first emoji was a sobbing laughing emoji. Someone emphasized that because it was on the Internet, it had to be true – a good enough reason for prospects to expect a letdown.

Yes, there are hints that Eminem is working on a new album. However, lists that include Em’s potential collaborators based on a random selection of significant business figures lack legitimacy. They will, however, receive a lot of attention, especially given the label’s planned information vacuum.

Eminem always comes with a surprise. Fans saw Eminem’s collaboration with Juice WRLD and even with Nasaan. Let’s see now Eminem will come with which surprise for his fans. To know more stay tuned with Thirsty for News.

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