A NASCAR driver has made a political statement by emblazoning his car with an anti-Biden phrase. Brandon Brown, the NASCAR driver whose name inspired the slogan “Let’s Go Brandon”, code for “f*ck Joe Biden,” is supporting LGBcoin.io, a cryptocurrency whose first three letters are emblazoned on Brown’s car.

LGB is a play on the term “Let’s Go Brandon,” and it was chosen as the company’s name. Brown showed his approval by posting a video of himself stepping into the garage and viewing the automobile.

If you didn’t know, this all started back in October in Alabama, when Brandon was being interviewed and the crowd chanted, “F*ck Joe Biden.” “You can hear the chants from the audience, ‘Let’s Go Brandon,” an NBC reporter remarked.

The NBC reporter possibly tried to hide the vulgarity of the statement or perhaps misheard the crowd. Brown was first irritated by the term that linked him to the chant. He complained that he couldn’t find a sponsor for his car.

With the introduction of LGBcoin.io, Brown appears to have changed his mind. The car will compete in the Xfinity Series, which is like a minor NASCAR league.

Gunjan Nath

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