Katy Perry remains one of the most recognized musicians in the entire industry. She remains the queen of pop as she started her Vegas residency with her own brew. Katy also captivated the audience with a musical routine that includes a gigantic talking mask puppet.

Katy was performing at Resorts World on Wednesday night December 29. At some point during her concert routine, she began yapping about this and that while wearing a gigantic COVID mask. Suddenly after that, she had a strong desire for a beer.

The 37-year-old mother of one was really inventive while quenching her thirst. So she started sipping a glass of Corona from the can tied to her frock. The crowd adored it and they went wild over her beer lactation gig.

Katy appeared out a neon toilet at one point during the show. It’s noteworthy that Katy made COVID a motif of the show, as evidenced by the video. She’ll perform 32 gigs between now and March of next year.

She’ll also be rewarded with a Queen’s ransom of $168 million for her efforts! It’s not the first time this happened. During their stays in Sin City, Celine Dion and J Lo made a fortune as well. Although Omicron is raging, Vegas is still booming.

You can check out the video from Backgrid here.

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