Ja Rule’s legacy has been one of the longest-running in Hip-Hop history. Fans were taken aback by the startling likeness between the famed rapper and his kid earlier this week. Ja Rule’s son goes viral for looking exactly like his father.

Fans believe the father/son duo are identical in a two-year-old photo of Ja Rule holding his son. As the music and entertainment news cycle have been quiet this holiday season, it’s no surprise that a two-year-old photo of Ja Rule and his son, Jeffrey Atkins Jr., has gone popular on social media.

The photo, which was shot at Jeffrey’s high school graduation in 2019, shows the young guy standing next to his mother and father, and people are noticing how much Jeffrey resembles his father in the image.

Major hip-hop media outlets have written headlines about the 21-year-old looking more like Ja Rule than Ja Rule does, and fans see why once see it. Aside from his unique hairdo, Jeffrey’s face is a wonderful match. Ja Rule seemed to have gone back in time and cloned himself.

The rapper responded to the photo going viral on social media by retweeting an iHeartRadio post with a heart emoji. Thousands of people have shared the photo from a few years ago, despite the fact that Jeffrey may have changed his appearance since then.

Ja Rule isn’t the only star with a child who resembles them almost identically. Fans of the late XXXTentacion have linked his kid Gekyume’s face to his, and Lil Wayne’s son Kameron has gone viral multiple times for resembling his famous father.

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