Fetty Wap has his share of problems. It turns out that he might not be taking care of business at home either.

Lezhae Zeona is the mother of two of Fetty Wap’s children. While participating in an ongoing trend on the app, she threw some obvious shade his way. She has apparently called the rapper out for being an absent father on TikTok.

The trend is a way of shooting a video where users first show off a picture of their baby’s father, then themselves and then finally their children. This is to determine who’s genes are dominant on the child. However, instead of using a photo of Fetty, Lezhae inserted an image of a ghost.

The picture of a ghost seemingly implies on the fact that the 30-year-old hasn’t shown up for their family the way he is supposed to. She has been consistently fed up with the things Fetty has done to their family. She didn’t think there would be a day where she could live without Fetty, but it was her son that made it possible.

Lezhae has publicly spoken out about her baby daddy’s behaviour, even calling him a “f*cking failure” and a “clown” back in March of 2020. She wrote “Don’t have children with f*ckin failures.” “Bitcchhh… I almost told y’all something whew let me get off this damn app.”

However she didn’t get off the app and instead has started throwing shade at Fetty. She cam on TikTok and had to put some things out there for people to see.

“Ya wanna know something? God genuinely makes no mistakes. Call me whatever you wanna call me for going back and having a second child with this clown but guess what? I needed my son! I swear I was never forced into strength the way I was while I was pregnant with him! Before my pregnancy with my son, I was maddddllyyyy in love with my BD. He would do any and everything to me, disrespect tf outta me in public and in private and I never got enough.”

Every individual expects the bare minimum from their partner when it comes to parenting a child. Fetty has apparently failed to provide such efforts. As a result we can see how a disappointed mother acted clowning his baby father in public.

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Anirban Biswas

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